Travel in Vancouver

  • 08 Nov 2018

Vancouver Travel

My first time in Vancouver, British Columbia, and it was such an incredible experience. All exclusive pictures can be found here!!!

The funniest thing I learned was their dollar coins are called loonies and the 2 dollar coins are toonies. So they have loonies and toonies for money! Soooo funny!

We stayed at the Four Seasons, pretty nice hotel. The first day my cousin and I went to Lynn Canyon park and went on a suspension bridge, which was sooo cool and a first for me. Also, we ventured off to grouse mountain and took the sky ride to the top which was incredible and the sun was perfectly set I recommend going right before sunset!! We ate at the observatory in grouse mountain which will have its own blog up soon. Click here. 

That night continued and we ending up going to another restaurant after in Yale Town called the Blue Water Cafe. We mostly got drinks and a vegan sushi roll. With super friendly bartenders they hooked us up with some birthday shots. Then told us about some other fun things to do in Yale town. There’s a game called buck hunter that they play at the bars, and so many places have this game it’s crazy!! So of course we had to check it out. Pictures below!

The next day we got breakfast in bed!! We were tired from the night before, but had to keep moving because we were down to the last 24 hours. We started our morning and went on the water bus to Granville Island. It was a really cool and huge farmers market. I really enjoy grabbing a snack and a small gift 

After this we went to the best brunch at seasons in the park, which has its own blog. Click here.

The views were incredible, nothing could have beaten this location is was perfection and highly recommended. After this we saw the olympic torch that was lit for the 2010 winter games in Vancouver. That was fun! We had relaxed for a bit at the hotel and right to another dinner at CinCin Italian ristorante which was pretty darn good. This night led us to Gas town. They had live music, fun bars to hop and go to and the last place we ended up had the game buck hunter!! We totally stopped in and had to play a game because it was such a tradition now. People were there playing before us around 2am and then had to go and left us all these credits we had no choice but to play!! It was too much fun and it’s definitely something to check out. Overall, Vancouver was amazing. I highly recommend Grouse Mountain and seasons in the park! Until my next trip! Xx

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